CAB Program Administration

Peter Drucker once said that the purpose of any business is to create a customer.  But once you have customers, how do you keep them?  

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Your best customers’ have ever changing needs, so it’s important to continue to check in with them to ensure that you know how they are using your products and what challenges they face.  Customer Advisory Boards can be an essential tool for ensuring that your product roadmap is attuned to the needs and opportunities of your users.  When you have a systematic program for checking in with your most valuable clients you will find the relationship mutually beneficial.  

I can work with your product and marketing teams to facilitate a solid CAB Program including

  • CAB Program Setup / Executive Briefing Center
  • CAB Member recruitment
  • Regular webinar program with company executives
  • Product preview feedback / meetings
  • CAB Meetings (virtual or onsite)
  • Surveys
  • Beta program administration

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